11 things to consider when developing your website

11 things to consider when developing your website content

In this blog we will learn 11 things to consider when developing your website content Before deep dive into that let’s understand

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11 things to consider when developing your website

What is a website?

Website is a place on the internet which enables individuals or organizations to showcase their works and services to a large set of people in the forms of blogs, and pages

which helps them to build a good reputation, generate sales or popularity 

Websites can be easily accessed using your mobile phone or tablet with the help of internet over browser

In a bit of technical terms, a Website is a set of pages under a single domain name managed by a single person or an organization

11 things to consider when developing your website content

you will learn 11 things to consider when developing your website content to increase your online presence and to make your business website shine 

1. identify your target audience & products or services

whenever you build a website understand your audience, demographics, preference, behavior and nature of your website

content development is done based on your target audience and nature of website

A business or a company that understand their audience well help you serve your customers well

Products , target audience , and products or services Before these things don’t start building a website it is top most things to consider when developing your website

2. Domain Name And Hosting services

Choosing a domain name that is easier to remember and aligns with your objectives of your website

For example if you are running a digital agency it is always better to name your domain name with marketing, digital or something similar

Since this name (brandname) goes everywhere it will further help you in increasing CTR while running ads on meta and google ads 

It  is very important this helps customers easily  remember your name and search on the internet for re-orders or any other queries

So take your time and choose a right domain name for you and check if it is available on https://who.is/

Buying already existing domain is also a good option with good domain history 

buying a good domain is a important factor is top most things to consider when developing your website since it has a lot to play on SEO of website

When Choosing Hosting Services for your website there are various factors to consider

Amount of Traffic :

Keep in how many people may visit your website on a  daily basis if that is blogs website more traffic is expected since you will be posting lot of blogs and other information on web

if you are running ads on social media and google ads then more and more traffic will be on your website. analyze all these and choose best plan which suits your budget

Images & Videos :

based on the amount of images and video you are using on your website. Since more images takes longer time for video to load

more videos and images increases load speed on the server and fast hosting is very important to load faster.

Customer support :

Don’t fall into the trap of buying cheap hosting services. 

There may be issues with your website and that has to be done from the hosting end. 

Having a 24×7 chat support is very important to resolve any issues with your website

Pro tip : Buy hosting services from hostinger. They have great customer support at an affordable price.

3. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer)

you may have seen websites showing ‘not secured back to safety’? This happens when website does not have ssl (https)

SSL is a secured encrypted communication channel hosted in a website origin server which holds all the website information

This keeps the internet connections secured between two systems preventing criminals from accessing or modifying your information acting as a antivirus

Protip : Buy plans that offers free ssl where has some hosting services charge for ssl, i would recommend hostinger this is one of the things to consider when developing your website

4. Branding

Branding is one important aspect for any business ranging from smaller business to larger business. Not following brand guidelines makes your business look unprofessional, untrustworthy.

Make sure you get your Branding done by the Best Branding Agency.

Logo Designs should align with your business goals and make it simple, elegant and on-point is very important. 

Branding is one of the most important a one should consider before developing a website

Protip :Do research and get a tagline for your business

5. Color Schemes & Typography

make sure the color schemes match your business using various colors on your logo makes it look unprofessional. maintain color schemes while developing your website 

Consider using the 60-30-10 is one of the things to consider while developing website

  • 60% primary color to be used 

  • 30% secondary color to be used

  • 10% Tertiary Color  to be used

Same goes with font use fonts from same font family and sizes which increases readability

maintain same sizes for headings and  subheadings, paragraph through out the website

These small things make your website looks more professional and your website stand out from the rest.

choosing your best 3 (atmost) color is important things to consider when developing your website content

Protip: have a secondary logo of your business and makes sure you have a logo and text on the same line for header

6. User-friendly website

Making your website design visually appealing is very important always maintain the same space around elements which makes it look more professional

Check responsiveness  of each section while designing and make sure it is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly which increases user experience 

While Designing your website sketch out your design plan that gives picture of your website even before it is done

Always design layout keeping in mind  user navigation  add buttons where ever necessary which helps user navigate more efficiently  

makes them spend more time on your website

Having a clear website architecture map is very important it shouldn’t confuse the users

7. Content Strategy

Before you start content creation for  your website make a thorough research of your competitor websites, keyword research  and drafting your content is very important 

 all relevant keywords in your content to be added in the paragraphs and also in headings and subheading without over optimizing while developing website content

So knowing how to optimize your content is very important 

Always create a content that is well optimized, high quality better than all your competitor website to rank higher on google 

using interesting heading to grab users is all important which makes the user hooked in and also reduces bounce rates.

create content that Makes the users to read more Which indirectly sends a signal to the algorithm making the website rank higher  on search engine network

ensure that your content  is engaging, High quality and relevant during development of content this is most important things to consider when developing your website

Pro tip: use tools like Grammarly & chatgpt will help you write high quality content and  to research about your content for your website

8. Site Speed

any website that takes more than 2 seconds is considered slow. 

Anything above 3 seconds increases the likelihood of visitors leaving your site. 

So don’t forget to optimize the speed of your website. which is one of the most important  things to consider while developing website often neglected 

You can check page speed on https://pagespeed.web.dev/

3 tips to optimize speed for your website

1. Convert images to webp

 converting images to webp lowers its size making pages load faster.

2. Using cache plugins(wordpress)

using cache plugins makes your website load faster and optimizes your website’s code for loading faster

don’t forget to turn on the lazy load option. There are tons of cache plugins. I would recommend litespeed cache plugin

3. Adding Video Has Youtube Video

Most of the websites use high resolution video directly into their website making the website slower. 

Always upload video to youtube and then add the url to the website.it is most avoided thing

9. Easy Maintenance of website

some websites need a lot of maintenance, if you are a new business owner they  don’t want a website that is higher to maintain when developed by coding. 

And developers charge on monthly basis for maintenance too

Build websites using content management softwares like wordpress. Which is easy to maintain and you will be able to  make changes to content from your end

unlike coded websites that needs a developer to change content it offers a lot of flexibility

you need choose what is best suited for your business since this is one of the important things to consider when developing your website

10. following effective seo practices

search engine optimization is one of the most important things to consider when developing your website, ensuring that  your website has engaging content, well optimized  content for search engines very crucial  things to consider while developing website

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6- Things to keep in mind while optimizing site for search engine

1) Use right heading and tags (h1,h2,h3,h4)

2) Use paragraph tags 

3) align your content accordingly avoid keyword stuffing and focus on only one target keyword

4) Don’t over optimize tags, permalinks.

5) Add alt text to all images

6) thin or duplicate content

 7) length and quality of content  should be higher

11. Google search console & analytics

setting up google analytics is very important so that you can get insights on where the traffic to your website is coming from user engagement and content performance on your website,

You get data about  who added the products to cart and much more 

which help you make strategies for your marketing accordingly for your products or services

Setting up google search console is main things to consider while developing website

indexing all the pages on your websites by adding sitemaps to google search console

You will get all the data once pages get indexed on search engine you get all the data on your keywords performance, your page ranking, CTR, Impressions, And much more

and refining your content strategy based on these parameters


There are various thing one need to look into while developing a content for your website not doing all these will affects in the later stages of your business leading to more complexity

Don’t forget to follow these things when developing website your next website.

Thank You

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