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Top-10 Digital marketing freelancers in India

Are you tired of working with freelancers who promises results and then under deliver, we will give the best digital marketing freelancers in India to work with.

If you are looking for best digital marketing freelancer with a proven digital marketing strategy

we do Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Google Ads, Web Development, Branding, Social Media Management, Video Editing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing means any advertisements that displays on your mobile, Tablet and computer when you search for anything on internet

That maybe in the forms of video ads, search ads, search engine optimization (organic) that leads you to the right results that you are interested in buying or have shown interested in buying them.

You may have seen some of ads popping while you are playing games these are the same products that you were planning to buy or viewing this is called re-targeting ads which we will discuss on another blogs

There are various techniques or methods to generate sales or leads for your company depending on your budget and target audience

digital marketing freelancer

What is digital marketing freelancing?

Freelancer means the one who do the work for a company on project basis and charges mostly on project basis or on hourly basis.

Which helps the company to hire a skilled person without much hassle. Since hiring a person for a company that is usually a startup take a lot of work due to less employees,

Also time to hire a right employee is very difficult then a freelancer

we will get to know the best digital marketing freelancers in india

How much do freelancers in India earn?

You would be surprised how much a digital marketing freelancer in India earn they earn a freelancer roughly charges around 12,000 to 20,000 per month per service

so the amount doubles if the clients chooses multiple service

digital marketing freelancers in India earn a significant of money from clients from United states of America (USA), Europen and UAE

where they mostly charge higher then the indian clients and also charge on hourly basis

according to paypal 23% of Indian freelancers earn upto Rs 60 lakh per annum.

Benefits for company hiring a freelancer?

  • Easy to hire: company can easily hire a talented personnel within a less time frame when compared to others
  • Project Basis: You can hire a freelancer on your basis based on time, project or yearly contract
  • Easy to manage : Freelancers are easy to manage since they provide monthly reports that shows all the month on month progress without the hassle of micro managing people

Benefits to freelancer working on freelance basis

  • Flexible Timing: freelancers can schedule their timing according to their needs and can take vacations with proper planning
  • Multiple Projects: Freelancers can do multiple projects from multiple company which helps them earn more than a normal salaried personnel
  • More Growth and fun to do: in freelancing you get to do a lotof works with different challenges which helps you make more decision, strategy and creativity

List of Proven Expert Digital Marketers 2024

Top 10 digital marketers in India to work with

Karavali Studios By Ankith Achar

One of the best digital marketing freelancer in India from Bangalore they do all kind of digital works starting from branding to launching your brand that may be through google Ads, social media marketing making them one stop solution for all digital needs.

Don’t look any further if you are looking for a one stop solution you can contact them.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91 7204318848

Email :

Packaging Starts From 15,000 Onwards

Digital Santhosh Kumar

Digital Santosh Kumar is a certified digital marketing freelancer based in Mumbai, India. His services cater to High-Frequency Businesses and Entrepreneurs, assisting them in launching their products, services, and brands on the internet.

With expertise in PPC Advertising, Social Media Management, eMarketing, and more, he offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions to

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91 8797206277

Email :

Digital Mahendar

he digital marketing freelancer based in Mumbai, India, is renowned for their expertise in delivering measurable results and conversions.

With over 6 years of industry experience, they have honed their skills in digital marketing services and research, consistently achieving positive outcomes for the brands they work with.

Their approach goes beyond conventional advertising, focusing on leveraging a variety of channels to boost brand visibility, facilitate customer discovery, and meticulously track performance metrics at every step.

They firmly believe in the importance of deeply understanding each brand they work with, as this knowledge enables them to effectively drive traffic, convert leads, and cultivate brand advocates among satisfied customers.

Overall, this freelancer is dedicated to equipping brands with comprehensive marketing strategies that not only amplify their presence but also yield tangible and measurable success, setting the stage for sustained growth and long-term prosperity.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91 87967 33968

Email :

Digital Dinesh

Based in Chennai, India, this digital marketing freelancer specializes in crafting and implementing strategies for English and French markets.

With expertise in SEM, SEO, SMO, SMM, email marketing, content strategy, and CMS site handling, they’ve successfully served Indian, U.S., and European markets, including France.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91-9884422085

Email :

Rakesh Ranks

Rakesh is a seasoned digital marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience. He has a strong track record of assisting businesses in India and worldwide in achieving growth through effective online marketing strategies.

His approach combines technical proficiency, creative thinking, and an unwavering focus on delivering tangible ROI and increased visibility for his clients.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91-9884422085


Digital Akash By Akash Tonasalli 

DigitalAkash, led by Akash Tonasalli, is a seasoned player in the booming digital marketing industry. With nearly a decade of experience overseeing SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development teams across various organizations,

Akash now spearheads this independent venture. Focused on serving the top tier of companies, DigitalAkash offers affordable and effective digital marketing solutions.

Backed by a dedicated team of professionals, DigitalAkash thrives on overcoming challenges and delivering results. Their expertise in SEO ensures increased website traffic, while their digital marketing skills promise to be a valuable asset to any business.

If you’re seeking a reliable partner to navigate the competitive digital landscape, look no further than DigitalAkash.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91-9901553321


King of Digital Marketing

Established in 2013, King of Digital Marketing is a prominent digital marketing services company based in Delhi, India. With an experienced team and innovative strategies,

they guarantee results and specialize in helping ambitious companies achieve remarkable online growth

With a strong track record spanning over 12 countries, including the UAE, Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK, King of Digital Marketing is a trusted partner for businesses seeking impactful digital solutions.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +919555696058, 


Digital Shee By Sreejesh

Sreeresh K is a highly effective digital marketing expert in Kerala with over 10 years of experience. He possesses comprehensive knowledge across various domains including SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and content creation.

With prior experience as an E-commerce expert at Amazon and currently serving as the owner of Nexxa Digital, a prestigious digital marketing firm, he offers unparalleled expertise to elevate your company’s online presence and drive results.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91 7012717995

Email :

Adholic Prashanth By Prashanth Sharma

Prashant Sharma, originally from Rajasthan, faced setbacks after leaving college to pursue a career in telecalling. Despite initial challenges, including a failed startup, he persevered and became a certified digital marketer.

Now, he aims to support startups and businesses with their marketing needs, offering expertise and empathy gained from his own journey.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number : +91-9990145552

Email :

Muthu Digital

Experienced Digital Marketing Freelancer in Chennai with a proven track record of helping businesses, from small to large corporations, grow their online presence and reach target audiences.

Offering expertise in tailored solutions, I am the go-to consultant to elevate your online presence. Contact me to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Services Offered

Website :

Phone Number :+91 98944 76226

Email :


How much do digital marketing freelancers charge in India?

Average Charge charged by a digital marketer ranges from 15,000 to 1,00,000

Who is the best digital marketer in India?

Ankith Achar is one among the best digital marketing expert in india

Picture of Ankith Achar

Ankith Achar



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